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[Animated Short]

Co-Creator Art Director • Design Storyboards

In 2022 I started developing an animated idea with my good friend and collaborator Zack Fox. We’re both Atlanta-raised artists who grew up on stuff like Devilman, FLCL, Evangelion, 90’s cartoon network, and of course black southern folklore/music/comedy/fashion etc. so we wanted to make something that synthesized all of that into a big gumbo pot. YOPPAMAN is the spawn of that synthesis. Our question was simple: What if the employees at a dilapidated 24 hour diner (a la Waffle House) beat so many peoples' asses that they got enlisted to protect earth in shiny bodysuits (a la The Power Rangers). Early on we knew the idea was special and extremely stupid so we’ve held it close, building out the world independently instead of rushing to sell it to a network.


Zack Fox
Chibu Okere

Animation Production Services
Six Point Harness, Inc

Executive Producer
Wendy Willis

Matt Danner

6PH Creative Director
Greg Franklin

Art Directors
Chibu Okere
Saharat Tantivaranyoo

Animation Services
Midnight Oil Animation LLC

Music Written and Performed by
Devin Morrison

Post Production Sound Design and Mix
Esho Sound

Executive in Charge of Production
Brendan Burch


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